Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Travel to Japan 08

Japanese Yen
Currency Rates
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Before you travel to Japan you need to carry some Japanese Yen so that you could use it quickly to make a call or call a taxi. Since the upcoming travel will be my first trip, I wanted to carry some Yen.

I inquired a local bank and a credit union in town. The credit union didn't deal with foreign currencies and the local bank did but through another bank. The bank will only get a foreign currency if you are a member. Since I was already an account holder that was not a problem. I had to physically go to the bank (they won't do it over the phone or on-line, your bank may be different) and fill out an application and request a specified amount in Yen.

The bank will then calculate the amount in dollars and add handling charges (in my case two charges one for my bank and another for the bank that brought the Yen). The dollar amount will vary depending upon the day they calculate the conversion due to currency fluctuations. Then when the currency is ready they will call and you go and pick it up at the bank.

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