Thursday, February 28, 2008

Travel to Japan 01

Japan Books and Travel Guide
Feburuary 28, 2008

I started to search for books and Travel Guides for Japan. I first started my search at my local county library (Leon County Library) and found couple of good books. But some of them were bit older and so I used those books for general information.

Then I selected the books I liked the most and went to Ebay, Half, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and Alibris, as well and searched for the titles and ISBN numbers ( to get the newer versions or newer editions of the same books.

I was able to get some of the books through Ebay, Half and Amazon. The following are the books I liked the most.

  • Good picture book from Dorling Kindersley (aka DK) called Eyewitness Travel Japan (ISBN: 0-7894-9719-0 or 978-0-75662-876-5)

  • General information about Japan - Frommer's Japan by Beth Reiber, Edition 8, (ISBN: 0-471-763-91-8 978-0-471-76391-8)
  • If you plan to travel by train - Japan by Rail by Ramsey Zarifeh (ISBN: 978-1-873756-97-3)
  • Japanese Language Audio CD - Pimsleur Quick & Simple Japanese, 3rd Edition (ISBN: 0-7435-2351-2) 4CD set with 8 lessons.

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