Friday, August 5, 2011

Visit IISc Bangalore

Visit IISc Bangalore
Friday, August 05, 2011

Today morning I woke up at 2:30AM and had coffee. By 4 am we left for Bangalore via SH 58 via Valajapet and Kanchipuram (1 hr). After Kanchipuram we joined NH 46 and went through Vellore (1:45 hrs). We paid tolls: 40, 90, 90, 75, etc in the Walajabet-Krishnagiri Tollways. Driver Kanniyappan and Jayakumar came with me.

We arrived at Electronic City Toll ways around 9:15 AM (after leaving Zuzuvadi, Tamil Nadu and entering Athibele, Karnataka (border cities)). We took the long route of Outer-Ring Road and went via HBR layout, toward Hebbal. Finally we reached Hebbal and took a left turn and arrived at Mekri Circle (the only place that was remotely familiar to me). From there we took a right turn and reached the second gate and entered at the Biochemistry department of IISc entrance.

I met Vasanthacharya and he took me to see BV Varma at MRC. We proceeded to SSCU and met KJRao, JG and all the office staff. I met Kannan, Jayaram, Thammaiah, Venkatesh, Kannan, and Saroja. Then Kannan, Vasant, two drivers, and I went to Faculty Club and had lunch. Then we went to Vasant’s residence and strolled around the campus. I met Arunan. We took pictures and left around 3 PM to SIL's place.

They were at GR Lavenya in L&T South City in Bannergatta Road in South West Bangalore. We located it and arrived there by 6 PM. The children came then so did BIL. We had dinner and slept. By next morning 3 AM we left for Chengalpattu.

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