Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ferrari of San Francisco and Muir Woods

Visit UCB, Ferrari of San Francisco, and Muir Woods
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This morning we woke up early, showered, and went to the breakfast and had some good stuff. Our goal was to get to UCB campus by 9 AM. So we rushed back and picked the essentials and drove through US101 N and I-80 East and took the Ashby Street exit and via University avenue arrived at the Durrant Street Parking lot. 

We put our car there and went to the admissions seminar from 9 and 10 AM. Then we went to the campanili, paid $2+2+ 1 tickets went to the top of the tower. We saw the campus Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco and the Bay area.

From there we drove to the Mills Valley Ferrai dealership on Redwood Hwy. We saw both the Ferrari and Masterari cars and wanted to visit the Aston Martin dealership but missed our way and ended up in the Muir wood road. We took it and went up the hill and spent 2 hours on the Muir wood forest area.

Then we drove back to the Aston Martin dealership and spent about 15 minutes. Later we drove back home via the Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately for us the bridge was covered in fog and we had a pleasant surprise. We stopped on top of the hill on the Sausalito side and took plenty of pictures and heard on ship whistle due to the fog. We drove through the fog and got tot the hotel.

 We put an load of laundry (detergent $1) , washing $2.50 and drying $2.00. While the washing was going on we went to Taco bell had dinner and came back and put the cloths for drying. We picked up the cloths and went to bed by 8:30 (I had a good shower)

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