Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nassau, New Providence , The Bahamas

Nassau, New Providence
The Bahamas
Thursday, March 21, 2013

We woke up around 6 AM and there was some water problem. However, I managed to have shower and we both went downstairs for breakfast. Surprisingly, there was free complimentary breakfast in addition to the paid one. We sat down and had breakfast while VTS was still asleep.

VTS came down and had some coffee. It was almost 9 AM. Then we headed to downtown via the beach. We walked all the way to Charlotte Street and bought some souvenirs at the straw market. Then we went a shop and got some post cards and went the pharmacy and bought some stamps (Bahamian 50cents). We then went to Nassau Starbucks and bought some sandwiches. While eating the food I filled out the post-cards and stamped them.

We then walked up Charlotte Street and headed to the Post Office. There we bought several stamps (Philatelic Store) and posted the post cards. While we were waiting at the Bay Street Main Post Office a parade came along and we the school band perform.

Slowly we came down the Parliament Street and saw the Nassau Public Library and other buildings in the town square. Then we went to Nassau Subway and got some sandwiches for us and ate there. Then we went Burger King and got food for VTS. He ate the food there.

Then we slowly walked along the shore arriving finally at Junkano Beach where we had some coconut water. We then went to Nassau Palm Hotel got our boarding passes printed and got our luggage out. We packed our bags and hailed taxi from outside the hotel and arrived at the airport by 3:30 PM. Our flight is at 6:15 PM we then waited until the departure.

We quickly arrived in Miami (MIA; Miami International Airport). We had some dinner. But our return flight to Tallahassee was delayed by more than hour. By the time we came home it was almost 12:30 AM

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