Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Fantoft Stave Church and Hakon's Hall

We traveled from Oslo S to Bergen  in NSB (Norges Statesbaner) train and by 4:15 AM there was light and I could see the mountains and ice on the mountains while we were passing by Myrdal and Voss and finally arrived in Bergen, Norway.

We went to check into our Hotel but it was not yet open and so we went to Information Center and bought the Bergan Card for Wednesday and checked into our Hotel. Soon we visited the Bergen Domkirke (Bergen Cathedral) in Kong Oscars Gate (very near our Hotel) and its impressive organ. 
Then we went to the harbor and and walked through the downtown before catching the tram to Fanfoft station to see the Fantoft Stave Church. The walk from the station was about 15 minutes. We noticed a station called Florida on the way to Fantoft.

After spending some time at the church we came back to downtown and met some Tamil people from Thanjavur living in Bergen, Norway. After purchasing some gifts at the local market we went to see Hakon's Hall and Rosenkrantz Tower near the Bryggen area near the harbor.

We went back the Hotel took some rest and walked to the Bergen station to collect our Norway in a Nutshell tickets from the NSB station. We also checked out the luggage storage area so that we could deposit our luggage after checking out of Hotel and collecting them before departing to Oslo S tomorrow night.

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