Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Canadian Light Source

Canadian Light Source

44 Innovation Boulevard, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

June 2-6, 2015

I came to the Canadian Light Source (CLSI) last night and stayed at the Ogle Hall. The taxi driver dropped me off around midnight and the CLS has provided the codes to open the door and arrangement has been made for me to enter the room.

I was kind of sleep deprived since I was still in ED Time Zone and Saskatoon was in MD Time Zone, so I had shower and went to bed quickly.

But around 4:30 AM there was lot light out since it is summer time and the latitude is around 62 North. So I woke up early and went to registration office by 7:30 AM and met with Shaun and got everything situated by 8:00 AM.

The Data Collection Workshop began by 9:00 AM and went on until 4:30 PM with lunch and coffee breaks. Then we toured the Facility and adjourned late in the evening.

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