Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thangassery Lighthouse & Kollam Back water Boating

Thangassery Lighthouse &
Kollam Backwater Boat Tour
Sunday, July 31, 2011
Kollam (Quillon), Kerala

Today morning Bhanu and Usha went to two temples in the neighborhood. Then all of us had breakfast. The plan for today was to go for boating in the morning and visit the beach in the evening.

Then I went to see the Thangassery Lighthouse located at Thangassery (near Mount Carmel School). Unfortunately, the visiting time was between 3 and 5 PM so I spent sometime in the Thangassery beach.

Then in the afternoon we all took an auto to the Kollam Bus Station Boat Jetty. Our plan originally was to take the transport boat and go around. But since it took too long for the transport boat to arrive at jetty, we changed our plans. Meanwhile, one of the Backwater Boat Operators approached us and offered take us (five) for one hour for Rs 550. This offer looked good and we all climbed aboard and after short problem with the motor we traveled through the Kollam back ward canals for about an hour 3:30 to 4:30 PM.

We enjoyed the ride. After the boat ride we went to the Supreme Bakery had coffee and cake and bought some knickknacks and went home for dinner.

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