Saturday, December 8, 2012

Travel Back home

Back to the US
Saturday, Dec 8 and Sunday Dec 9, 2012
Chennai - Dubai - New York - Jacksonville -Tallahassee

We left late in the afternoon around 5:30 PM from Chengalpattu in Thiyagu's SUV with another car carrying the luggage and my siblings families. We arrived at the Chennai International Airport Departure area around 7:00 PM and Bhanu had just arrived.

We said goodbye to our folks and checked into our Chennai Dubai flight EK547. The flight was delayed by 30 minutes and flew over the Arabian Sea. However, as it approached Dubai we were further delayed due to the unavailability of landing place ended by landing an hour late outside the gates and needed to use a bus to get to the Terminal 3.

We barely made it to our next flight to New York JFK and hoped our luggage would make. The flight EK203 a Boeing 777-300ER was also delayed fortunately since many people were still boarding past the scheduled departure time. We hoped this would be good flight since the duration was 14 1/2 hours long. It was okay due to good entertainment system called ICE.

We arrived an hour late in New York and went through the immigration and customs clearance and rechecked our bags to Jacksonville and waited for another delayed flight to JAX. Finally we left at 4 PM and arrived in JAX by 6 PM via jetBlue.

We picked our car and drove home stopping at a Taco Bell for dinner. By the time we arrived home it was almost 9:45 PM.

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