Sunday, December 2, 2012

Visit NESCO at Kalpakkam for karate tournament

Visit NESCO at Kalpakkam for karate tournament
Sunday, Dec 02, 2012
NESCO, Kalpakkam

Today we left around 6:30 PM with Arjun and Anita toward Kalpakkam NESCO auditorium to participate in the Kacheepuram district Karate tournament for Arjun. We arrived there by 7:45 AM and the tournament participants were required to be there by 8 AM. We had breakfast in the Mahindra XYLO SUV and headed to the site. There weren't that many people and it took about 1 1/2 hour before everything started to fall in place.

Arjun didn't participated in the katta part but did so on the individual fighting competition. The event was over by 12:30 PM and we headed home and arrived at Chengalpattu by 1:45 PM.

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