Saturday, August 8, 2015

To Billings Montana

Travel to Billings MT
Saturday, August 08, 2015

We traveled to Billings, Montana from our home town by taking Delta Airlines and stopping at Atlanta, Minneapolis-Saint Paul,  The total flight and waiting time was about seven and half hours. Our Atlanta flight was early in the morning and we arrived okay at Atlanta.

Our next flight to Minneapolis-Saint Paul was very quick and lucky it was in the same terminal since we had only about 30 minutes after we got out of the flight.

We were lucky and there were no delays or cancellations. When we arrived in Billings, MT, however, we noticed constant drizzle.

Billings, MT airport is small and similar to our Tallahassee airport. The first thing I noticed was neither of our T-Mobile prepaid or Virgin Mobile prepaid had any signal. That meant we won't be able to call anyone nor we could use the GPS of the neither of the phones. We were happy that our luggage made it to Billings, MT.

We then rented a car with Avis and soon rented a GPS device from them since our phones were not going to be helpful especially the rain started to pick-up the sky was cloudy (even though it was only around 1;30 PM MDT).

Then we drove toward Wapiti, WY in the rental car first via I-90 and then local routes. At Laurel, MT we stopped and grabbed some lunch at the McDonald's.  We were able check our e-mail using our Smartphone using McDonald's Wi-Fi.

We stopped to take pictures in Montana-Wyoming border and other unique places. We then arrived at Cody, WY. We stopped at the Buffalo Bill of the West museum and spent sometime looking at various attractions.

We then drove via the Buffalo Bill Dam and reached Wapiti, WY and checked into the hotel. There was only one gas station/general store nearby. The only way to get more food was 20 miles west at Cody, WY.

Then we found a dinner place about a mile east and had dinner before going to bed around 8 PM MDT (10 PM EDT).

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