Sunday, August 9, 2015

Visit Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone, Wyoming

Sunday, August 09, 2015

We woke early and since there were no place to eat breakfast at Wapiti, WY, we had coffee and pancakes from the Green Park RV Park's owner's food truck. It was windy and cold in the morning and earlier in the night it has snowed in Yellowstone.

We then vacated the place and drove to Yellowstone National Park about an hour away west. The climate started to get better and we took some pictures at the entrance. There were many bikers traveling to the park too.

Then at the East entrance we bough a Yearly National Park Pass and drove inside. It took about a half hour before we arrived at the Steamboat Point and at one of the hot springs spewing sulfur vapor and steam that was on the shores of Yellowstone Lake.

We then went to see the West Thumb

At the center we went to the bathroom and drove first to the west thumb (we took the south loop). The variety of springs and geysers were great and the weather was getting better with lots of sun but some wind.

Then we drove toward the old faithful arriving around 11:30 AM. We parked the car and ran toward the main office and found out the next eruption was 30 min later at 12:15 so we went and sat on the left side of the geyser in front row. There were some small eruptions in the other areas. Then at around 12;15 we witnessed the old faithful. It was nice and beautiful and it lasted for about 4 minutes. We took some photos and videos


Then we went inside the old building to eat. There was lot of crowd . So we ate at the deli and got some ice cream. The weather was becoming better. We sat outside and inside the building. V and B bought some gifts.  Then it was time for the second eruption. We were able to see the 1:50 eruption from further away and then we drove.


We then stopped at the poly chromatic spring place and took lot of photos and saw all the boiling pools and river. Then we went to village and drove back. There were two road congestions. The first was due to a vehicle problem. The second was due to bison. Then we stopped and took lot photos and video of he bison and came to the visitor center bought some gifts and left toward Cody, WY.

The night before we were unable to get the name of the hotel or reservation since neither my notes nor Google docs had the information due to late reservation. Finally after arriving in Cody around 8 pm we went to McDonalds and used its free Wifi to log into my Gmail and found out it was Super 8 motel and we had aleardy passed it onece. Anyway we went and checked in . The room was big with 3 pillows and we had shower and went to bed around 10 PM . we were very tired after a long day.

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