Friday, August 5, 2011

Visit IISc Bangalore

Visit IISc Bangalore
Friday, August 05, 2011

Today morning I woke up at 2:30AM and had coffee. By 4 am we left for Bangalore via SH 58 via Valajapet and Kanchipuram (1 hr). After Kanchipuram we joined NH 46 and went through Vellore (1:45 hrs). We paid tolls: 40, 90, 90, 75, etc in the Walajabet-Krishnagiri Tollways. Driver Kanniyappan and Jayakumar came with me.

We arrived at Electronic City Toll ways around 9:15 AM (after leaving Zuzuvadi, Tamil Nadu and entering Athibele, Karnataka (border cities)). We took the long route of Outer-Ring Road and went via HBR layout, toward Hebbal. Finally we reached Hebbal and took a left turn and arrived at Mekri Circle (the only place that was remotely familiar to me). From there we took a right turn and reached the second gate and entered at the Biochemistry department of IISc entrance.

I met Vasanthacharya and he took me to see BV Varma at MRC. We proceeded to SSCU and met KJRao, JG and all the office staff. I met Kannan, Jayaram, Thammaiah, Venkatesh, Kannan, and Saroja. Then Kannan, Vasant, two drivers, and I went to Faculty Club and had lunch. Then we went to Vasant’s residence and strolled around the campus. I met Arunan. We took pictures and left around 3 PM to SIL's place.

They were at GR Lavenya in L&T South City in Bannergatta Road in South West Bangalore. We located it and arrived there by 6 PM. The children came then so did BIL. We had dinner and slept. By next morning 3 AM we left for Chengalpattu.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Visit Pachaiyappa's College

Visit Pachaiyappa's College

Chennai 600 030
Wednesday, August 03, 2011

This morning I went to Shenoy Nagar and from there headed toward the Poompuhar Shop at Anna Salai. On the way I stopped at Pachaiyappa’s college took some video, photos of the college, Chemistry department and hostel. I spoke to couple of current MSc Chemistry students and other faculty.

Then we went and parked at Spencer plaza had lunch and went shopping at music world. Then we went to Poompuhar purchasing. We left city around 2 Pm and headed to Chengalpattu. The smoke and city congestion was very bad and I had severe cough. I arrived at TTR house by 4 apm. Had shower, took Rx and slept for an hour.