Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Travel Back home

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I traveled back home on early Wednesday morning from Chennai (MAA) taking the LH 759 flight to Frankfurt, Germany. I arrived early in the airport around 10:30 PM and the LH people were asking me whether I could stay one more day but I politely rejected the offer as I needed to get back home in time. The flight left around 1:45 AM and arrived at Frankfurt same day 8:20 AM with about an hour to spare between my next flight to Washington DC. In the flight I had aisle seat and food was barely okay; they have definitely reduced the amount of the food.

I ran through the airport security and finally arriving at another part of the terminal Z to catch my flight to IAD. The flight IAD was bit shorter 8 hours rather than the 9 hours 45 minutes flight to FRA. There were two meals and once again it was barely good. I did manage to sleep little bit on the second flight and I arrived around 12:10 PM at IAD to a cooler weather. I went through the immigration and customs.

My next flight to JAX was several hours away and I took the giant bus to the local terminal and laid down in the terminal. The flight to JAX was delayed for another 30 minutes since the personnel (both pilots and bursars were reassigned to our flights late. When I arrived at JAX it was almost 7 PM.