Friday, November 27, 2015

Head back home

Travel back home

Friday, November 27, 2015

After spending few days at Novi, Michigan and visiting Ann Arbor, MI, we headed back home on Friday evening. The snow in the ground started to melt yesterday and had completely melted by this morning. There was intermittent rain throughout the day.

We had nice breakfast with the family and played some carrom board with the kids. Then it was time for lunch and packing. We showered packed our belongings and put away several winter clothing inside the luggage as the temperature was going to warm at home.

By 3:15 PM we were at the DTW airport and we checked our luggage and went inside. The crowd was very thin as most of the Holiday travelers will be hitting the airport 2 days from now. Inside the McNamara North Terminal airport we took the Express Tram to reach our gate.

We then took our flight back to ATL. The flight was supposed last 1.45 hours and due to heady thunderstorms the flight flew at lower altitude of 28,000 ft (8.5 km) rather than normal altitude of 32,000 ft (9.7km) to avoid turbulence. So we arrived 10 minutes early at ATL.

We had few hours at ATL and since we already knew going on an early but empty flight will not only be costly but also means that we have to come back to the airport claim our baggage (we were told about this in no uncertain terms at the central check out area). So instead of paying the airline exorbitant money (they would rather fly empty but not make reasonable accommodation for passengers) and having to come back to retrieve the luggage we spent our money on a fancy restaurant at the airport and had satisfying dinner in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Our flight back home was fine and we retrieved our luggage and arrived home just before midnight.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Travel to Novi

Visit Novi, Michigan

November 25-27, 2015

We traveled to Novi, Michigan during the 2015 Thanksgiving Holiday break. We left on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 from home to Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) via Atlanta (ATL). We flew in Delta flights as that is one of the few flights out of our hometown.

Our early morning flight was pleasant and quick, however, we had to have our bag late-check in and that would make it hard to get the bag on our arrival in DTW. We had to come back to the airport for the next flight to get our bag.

We reached ATL by 8:00 AM and our next flight was only at Noon. So we checked to see whether we could go early but the cost of changing the flight was very expensive. So we went to TGIFriday and had breakfast. Even though the food was good it was very expensive with coffee costing extra $3.00/person even when we had breakfast!

Then we boarded our flight to Detroit and as we reached Detroit our plane flew over the Lake Michigan. We arrived in time at the Metro Airport. As expected our bag didn't make it even though our wait time at ATL was more than 3 hours long. We went and grabbed some lunch and picked our bag before heading home in Novi, Michigan.

Detroit airport Holiday decorations were nice.