Monday, April 15, 2013

Travel to TPA, IAD, and FRA

Journey to India
Monday, April 15, 2013
Tallahassee to Frankfurt

We called the taxi cab company and the cab came by 9:15 AM and I said goodbye to Bhanu and left for airport. I paid the cab, checked the bag into United (Silver airlines) and TSA and got all boarding passes. I went to Terminal A7 and checked my e-mail and Skyped Nivi and Bhanu. My flight UA3993 left at 10:35 and arrived in Tampa by 11:25 AM via Terminal A1.

My next flight UA312 to IAD was at 1:32 PM and so I had some donuts and checked my e-mail, skyped Bhanu again, used the restroom and got ready for the flight.The flight UA 312 was ready and left from A9 at 1:35 PM and took off by 1:45 PM onwards to IAD. The weather was perfect. I arrived in Washington DC around 4:15 PM. I then went from the domestic terminal to the International Terminal for my flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

I took the giant bus from the domestic terminal to the international terminal and the free WiFi was NOT working at that terminal. The flight was at 6:10 PM and so I had some coffee and waited to board the plane. Finally, I boarded the ~8 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany a Lufthansa LH 419 and arrived early morning on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at Frankfurt in time for breakfast.