Monday, August 13, 2012

Visit UCF and USF

Visit University of Central Florida & University of South Florida
Monday, August 13, 2012
Orlando and Tampa, Florida

We started early in the morning from our La Quinta Inn in Orlando (very good place to stay) and headed to University of Central Florida. However, since we couldn't pre-register for the tour we went around the campus using UCF's self-guided tour. Then at 10 AM we attended the information session which lasted about 35 minutes.

We then drove to a near by K-Mart to get some school merchandise and had lunch at a Subway nearby.

We then drove on I-4 West toward Tampa. Three-fourths on our way it started to rain heavily and that slowed our travel. We finally around 2:10 PM at the USF campus and missed part of the information session. Due to the rain the student tour was also delayed. Then around 3:05 PM we started the tour and we like the campus. We followed the tour until about 4 PM and left for home.

We stopped in Ocala to have dinner and arrived have around 9:30 PM.